The Cigar Box Guitar (CBG) is part of American history. From the poverty of field workers in the 1800's to the civil war and depression, the CBG is how a love for music overcame instrument scarcity and expense. The earliest illustrated proof of a cigar box instrument is an etching copyrighted in 1876 of two Civil War Soldiers at a campsite with one playing a cigar box fiddle. Because the instrument is homemade, there is no standard for dimensions, string types or construction techniques. Many early cigar box guitars consisted of only one or two strings that were attached to the ends of a broomstick inserted into a cigar box.  No special tools were used then and we make each Cigar Box Guitar (CBG) by hand now using ordinary woodworking tools.  Each piece is unique and assigned a serial number.  Instrument Grade Art, meant to display when not played. Surprising acoustic sound and really cool electric sound with pick-up and battery powered Cigar Box Amplifier (CBA), the perfect CBG companion. The Civil War may have ended sooner had both sides issued CBG's with CBA's!


2016 Tour

Virginia Key Grassroots Festival

Bonita Blues Festival
Suwannee Springfest
Wanee Music Festival
Orange Blossom Jam
Roots Heritage
Bradenton Blues Fest

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